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Country Star Faith Hill Gets Braces

Country Star Faith Hill Gets Braces

At the recent 2013 Grammy Awards, Country music star Faith Hill was spotted rocking a new accessory – braces!  At 45 years old Faith proves that straight teeth are important at any stage in life.   Faith says that she’s actually had braces for about four months prior to the Grammys and that she’d also had braces as a teenager.

“I forgot to wear my retainer–kids, wear your retainer!” was Faith’s advice to others who’ve had braces.

Proving that people are happy to see someone doing something positive for themselves, Faith says she’s received nothing but positive encouragement and praise from her fans.  “I’ve seen your posts and the news coverage on my braces….woah!!” she tweeted on Tuesday, adding, “Wear your braces proudly. Thanks everyone for all of the kind words!”

Faith’s braces, similar to the clear braces Dr Hall offers his patients, are due to come off in time for the release of her new studio album later in 2013.

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