Teen Options

Advanced Orthodontics understands that teens want straight teeth in the shortest time, and parents want the highest quality results without costing a fortune.


We pride ourselves on treatment options to fulfill all needs. Our self ligation braces provide excellent results using advancements in traditional braces. SureSmile presents the greatest revolution in modern orthodontics – utilising 3D imaging to give impeccable results in 30% less time than conventional braces. Following an assessment, we will discuss with you and your child the most appropriate corrective treatment and explain the options available to achieve an optimal long-term result.

Self Ligating Braces (the Damon System)

Rather than traditional braces that use elastic ties to encourage your teeth to move into position, self-ligating braces use an innovative sliding mechanism. This means the braces are able to respond much better to the natural movement of your teeth as they’re guided into position by the archwire. Self ligating braces are also much more comfortable to wear. Read more


With SureSmile, your teeth don’t move faster, they move more directly to their finishing positions designed by your orthodontist. Unlike traditional orthodontic treatment, which relies on plaster models and X-rays, SureSmile provides your orthodontist with a detailed 3-d computer model of your teeth to plan your individual tooth movements throughout the treatment process. Read more

Clear Braces






For teenagers concerned about the appearance of metal braces we offer clear braces made out of tooth coloured ceramic. These braces blend seamlessly with your teeth making treatment far more discreet. Speak to our orthodontists today about using clear braces as part of your child’s treatment.







Let your child show off their personality with our coloured bands. These come in a variety of colours and can be mixed and matched for any occasion!

  • School colours
  • Favourite sporting team
  • Christmas/Chanukah
  • Blue, white and red for Australia day
  • Orange and black for Halloween, and anything else they desire!

Colours can be changed at each appointment so your child will never get bored of their braces!

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