Adult Options

Advanced Orthodontics treats a high number of adult patients which is attributed to not only the great work by Dr Hall and his team, but the vast array of treatment options available to patients

Advanced Orthodontics understands that the needs of adults are often vastly different to that of a child and as such we offer specific treatment options to suits any need.


Smilefast uses the latest orthodontic technology to rapidly transform your smile in a matter of months – no more having to suffer wearing metal braces for two or so years; your treatment can be completed in 6-9 months.

Invisalign/Aligner Therapy

Invisalign/Aligner Therapy gives you straight teeth – without braces. Using a custom-made series of clear “aligners”, Invisalign/Aligner Therapy allows you to improve your smile without anyone knowing you’re in treatment. Each custom aligner is created for you and only you.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are like traditional braces except that they are attached to the inside of your teeth and are hidden from view. They are an option to straighten your teeth without the look of traditional braces.


Geniova is a removable appliance designed for adult patients that is worn 8 to 15 hours per day on average, allowing the patient’s lifestyle to remain unaffected.

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